For most of us, warmer weather is nigh upon us. Be strong. Don’t let your MEDICAL condition get the best of you and bring you down, even when the floodgates have opened. This is only an impediment to normal social activities if you let it be. OK, it sometimes is. And it’s totally acceptable to choose the hermit life sometimes, and focus on your own mental health. But the world is out there waiting to be explored. Hyperhidrosis has hindered our exploration of the aforementioned world for too long, has stopped our partaking in activities that though interesting to us would involve exposing our sweatiness and setting us up for humiliation and ridicule. But who the fuck cares? OK, you do. But just do it! Don’t think about it. The more we realize how sweaty we really are, the more sweat we perspire. It’s no biggie to cling to AC as much as you possibly can. AC or sex? AC! That said, if you’re invited to do something really cool, do it! Don’t let your condition impede your having fun during these warmer months. Capiche?

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Can someone design an iPhone case with the phrase, “KEEP CALM AND SWEAT ON” on it?? I’d pay for it!

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Bad idea Monday: putting superglue all over your hands thinking that once it dried up, it’s prevent sweat from getting through. Hmm, while it did have success to a certain extent, it turns out getting superglue off of your skin is a bit more of an ordeal than previously expected.

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What did we in our past lives to get reincarnated with hyperhidrosis? Hehehe :P

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Doesn’t it feel like you put on deodorant sometimes due to habit, not because it serves any real purpose?

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Picture this scene:

It’s 87 degrees, Fahrenheit. With humidity. So who knows what it really feels like. But it’s hot.

You’re sweating, but you don’t complain about it to anyone lest you draw too much unwanted attention to yourself. Your companions who do not suffer from hyperhidrosis complain loudly about the heat. “It’s soo fucking hot!” “Eh ma gawd, like FUCK this heat.” “I’m sweating soo much; ew gross!” They complain, unaware that you have to deal with the excess sweat produced by your damn sweat glands every day of your life. You don’t let that fact get you down, though; sure, there are tough days but you grin and bear it because you yourself are fully aware that it could be worse. It could be worse.

You repeat those words quietly to yourself. Your companions, not hearing what you said, look your way: “Did you say something?”

No, you must be hearing things. But I agree with you: it is fucking hot out.

"I KNOOOW! I’m sweating bullets. EW!"

Again, once their back is turned, you smile to yourself, muttering:

"Bitch, you wanna have a contest? I’ll fry you."

Correcting yourself: “Err, drown you.”

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The other day I was at a friend’s house and we started to play gin rummy or something of that sort - I was a novice at it so therefore can’t entirely remember the name of the game. Not that it’s important anyway, but I’m always one to pay attention to details. We were talking about who-knows-what but before long we started talking about shots (not alcohol, mind you) because her dog had to go to the vet to get a booster shot (and coincidentally, my dog, as well). I asked my friend’s mom if my friend tolerated shots when she was a kid to which she replied that they always had to get the assistant nurse to sit on my friend so that she would sit still enough for them to poke her arm. Chuckling, I slipped out that those shots nowadays are nothing compared to what some people who sweat a lot go through - some people with sweaty hands get 40-50 shots in each hand to combat their problem. My friend’s mom looked confused. Who had sweaty hands she said? She had no clue that this condition existed. She then looked down at her own hands, examining them. That would suck, though, she said. She then looked up at me. Do you have it? No, I stammered, I don’t. (Though I totally do, hehe). I was caught off-guard and therefore had to think on my feet: I think I was watching Dr. Oz or something and they had a special about it or something - I only caught a couple minutes of it. I quickly wanted to change the topic - you know, celebrities get a lot of work done oh well whose turn is it now to play? Moving on, I sighed a sea of relief. When I got back home, I couldn’t help but thinking that I should have embraced my condition when she asked me if I suffered from hyperhidrosis (which she didn’t even know the name of) and said, YES, YES I DO. But I chickened out and denied her query. The next time, I will embrace my condition to promote more awareness of it. Or I’ll try to. No guarantees. This condition, believe it or not, is quite easy to hide from the prying eyes of someone - it’s surprising how often you go without touching someone. Sometimes, it’s just easier not to wear a sign that says I SWEAT A LOT, because there WILL be people who ignorantly give you weird looks and blame it all on you, and not on the real culprit: genetics and the like. So, really: yes, it is AWESOME to not be ashamed of this condition, but always remember not to think too rashly when proclaiming yourself as a sufferer. Sometimes, the benefits do not outweigh the costs.

By the way, I love you ALL.

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Sweaters,ich liebe dich!Te quiero!我爱你。I love you!

You are wonderful and amazing and, yeah, a lot more stuff.

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I thought this could be a funny idea. What’s some of the stupid shit people without this condition tend to say to us?

I’ll start:

- Why don’t you wear more deodorant?

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Anonymous said: I suffer from hyperhidrosis and I HATE it. I cannot stand trying to write on a paper and having it soaked by my sweaty hands. Or when I'm debating whether or not to touch someone in case they notice my hands. It definitely lowers my self esteem because i'm so self conscious about it and I always worry about my hands. Is there anything I can do?

Dear anon:

I totally understand, without any doubt in the world, what you’re saying and it sucks. I’m always conscious of my hands, and you are probably are, too. Always conscious of whether they’re damp, cold, drenched, always wasting brain energy on such a a trivial matter. You can usually try to avoid touching people altogether. It’s interesting because in a regular day, you don’t really have to touch that many people. Handshakes are a different thing altogether; just the thought of one makes me shudder and get wet. Excuse the sexual reference. But you have to understand that you have a MEDICAL CONDITION. Just like people with diabetes or depression. You need to understand that this is not your fault, that you have been dealt an unlucky hand, but it’s a medical condition outside of your control. Those close to me know about my condition, and the best ones accepted me for who I am. Nevertheless, they’re still sort of ignorant about it all because they don’t suffer from it. That’s why we’re here, for you. There are many treatments out there. Try going on the International Hyperhidrosis Society’s webpage for good information. sweathelp.org

We’re here for you.

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whyistherabbitunafraid-deactiva said: can i just say THANKS SO MUCH for creating this blog. I have suffered from hyperhidrosis since the age of 7 and it's not been a fun journey. Makes my life pretty difficult being a fashion student as well, always wearing black /baggy cardigans to hide my underarm. also i got botox done and i now seem to have increasing damp hands all the time... but anyway enough of the moaning, you probably get this all the time. just thank you for just being on tumblr and yeah :)

Dear ramblingonagain:

You’re too kind. And I am a jerk for just reading this message now. It was hidden from me, I swear. I’m so glad to hear that you’re still pursuing your dreams as a fashion student even with this debilitating, dumb obnoxious disorder. I have a question for you: what are some of your tricks to hiding the effects of HH? I hope you don’t mind me publishing this. I just love to show the world what we’re doing.

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Anonymous said: Yay, support is always good. Me personally, I first went to my GP at approximately age 9, and received no advice. Or the usual, puberty etc. Later, used 'no sweat' with no result. Went again to GP this year, was prescribed with driclor which had no effect. Took independent action and got botox treatment. Guess what? no effect. And so I have been left to wither away in a whirlpool of...wetness. Yes. Excuse the truncation (due to character limit).

Dear anon:

You’re amazing and wonderful. Don’t sweat the small stuff. HA. Anyways, enough of that BS. Many GP’s have no idea how to treat this. Non-sufferers are always just, like, “use more deodorant!” Shit like that. If I may ask, since you’ve been unable to achieve many successful results with all of these various treatments, how DO you cope with HH?

Love, the sweaty guys

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Anonymous said: ohmygod, fellow HH person. *new sense of belonging*

That’s what we’re here for. :) We’d love to talk about HH for any amount of time possible. WE’RE A SUPPORT SYSTEM. Yup!

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This is a very good forum with lots of information about hyperhidrosis. There’s lots of tips and shit here so definitely check it out.

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We all hate handshakes, right? Right. They are the bane of sweaty existence, our Achilles heel. I really wish fist pumps were the norm. I always try to fist pump if it’s not that awkward to do so, because they’re just so much more comfortable and sweat-free.

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